GLOBOSAT is Brazil’s largest television network and the second largest in the World. Bis Multishow HD is hugely popular rock music and entertainment station.

Since most of it was complex 3D work, Tendril decided the best strategy was to build a library of structures and then animate and “shoot” them in different ways to create a range of menus, endpages, IDs, and other items on the list.

We had to model a set of 20+ music instruments, and electronic pieces in very high detail, unwrap their textures and slice these models in parts.


  • Client: Globosat

  • Agency: PULLA

  • Concept, 3D Work, Animation: PULLA

  • Client:
    Globosat Creatives:
    Leon Vilhena, Manuel Falcao
    Chico Jofilsan
    Production Company:
    Creative Directors:
    Chris Bahry, Alexandre Torres
    Executive Producer:
    Kate Bate
    Anne Deslauriers
  • Music and Sound Design:
    Roger Lima
    Chico Jofilsan, Chris Bahry, Leo Mateus, Vini Nascimento, Andrew Vucko
    Storyboard and Animatic:
    Renato Ferro, Josh Michie
    TD and Scripting:
    Marcin Porebski
    Lead Lighting and Render:
    Brad Husband
    Textures, Lighting, Render:
    Andrew Vucko, Ben Pilgrim, Kosta Lavrinuk
  • Modeling:
    PULLA, Andrew Vucko
    3D Animation:
    Vini Nascimiento, Luis Campos, Marcin Porebski, Ben Pilgrim
    2D Animation and Toolkit:
    Leo Mateus
    Montage Editor:
    Chris Murphy – Relish Editing
    Chris Bahry, Brad Husband, Patrick Coffey